Enjoy a Fresh Brewed Coffee... without the caffeine!

Enjoy a Fresh Brewed Coffee... without the caffeine!

Fresh Brewed Coffee Soy Wax Candle Geaux Candle Company

One of our more unique soy wax candles is our Fresh Brewed Coffee fragrance, found in our Coffee Shop Collection.

This candle is perfect for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee without having to brew a pot. The candle's soy wax base is infused with the rich and bold scent of freshly brewed coffee beans, making it perfect for those who want to start their day without a caffeine boost or unwind after a long day with a comforting aroma.

Not only does this candle smell amazing, but it also has a long burn time. The soy wax used in this candle burns slower than traditional wax, meaning you can enjoy the aroma for longer. Additionally, soy wax candles produce less soot, making them a cleaner and healthier option for your home.

The Fresh Brewed Coffee candle is also perfect as a gift for coffee lovers. Its unique scent and eco-friendly materials make it a thoughtful and practical gift for any coffee enthusiast.

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